Nan saw an incredible transformation in herself - a transformation so spectacular she is recommending me to her friends:

Meet Nan


Prior to joining my signature program - Confidence Through Dance - Nan struggled with rhythm, coordination, and self-confidence on the dance floor. She tried other methods of learning such as private classes and learning from YouTube with no effect.


The biggest issue was rhythm: hearing the beat, knowing what to dance to, being able to stay on beat, and therefore seamlessly moving to the music.


Being a part of my online program, Nan managed to learn a solid foundation for dancing with a focus on rhythm and coordination. We also spent time developing her improvisation skills so that she's ready for any social dance situation ahead.


Happy to say: YES! But I'll let Nan tell you more about the program and the transformation she was able to achieve herself.


I interviewed Nan after she completed the program, this is what she shared with me:
Q: What did you struggle with before joining the program?
Finding the rhythm. Monika made the impossible possible.
Feeling confident and free to move my feet and arms and knowing I could look like I was actually dancing.
Moving to music at all doing freestyle
Imitating good dancers.
Coordinating myself.
Q: How is this online program different from other methods of learning you tried before?
I have watched many good dancers and paid for one on one lessons and learned nothing. Monika taught me to HEAR the rhythm, and showed easily doable movements I got comfortable with by practicing. She has videos to repeat. She showed me what to do when there’s no beat. She listed music to practice to and did it by bpm.
Q: What did the program do for you?
Monika’s program made my fantasy lifelong dream come true. I can dance now!
Q: How did it help you so far?
I am comfortable and confident that I can move in a basic way and also improve what isn’t spontaneous yet.
Q: Were there any results you weren't expecting that pleasantly surprised you?
Got in better shape! Feel so relaxed when dance music comes on instead of anxiety.
Q: What would you tell someone who is considering investing in my program?
Borrow money to do it. Monika is a genius and her presentation is foolproof. You can’t fail. You will learn to dance. If I learned from her, anyone can learn. Be ready to practice hours. It is a social skill that will pay off in feeling good and looking good and fun times!
Monika  - You know I am eternally grateful.   
Love, Nan

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Nan's noticed improvement in her rhythm after only 2 weeks in the program! These are the updates she shared in our private community group:


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