Natural First Dance ONLINE COURSE

Learn simple, natural looking dance choreography.


- Beginner level. No dance experience (or rhythm skills) necessary
- Learn in the comfort of your home. Save time and money on private classes.
- Works with any song. Check out the list of over 100+ sample songs below


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Whether you’re a pro (after a few drinks) or aware of your two-left-feet syndrome, you know that dancing in front of others is stressful. Being the only ones on the dance floor is stressful. But it doesn’t have to be.

I specialize in natural looking First Dance that doesn't take a long time to learn.

I don't teach Ballroom. Waltz and Foxtrot are beautiful but before you even get to learn the choreography, you'd have to spend months just to get the foundation.

Out of over 450 couples I prepared for their weddings over the last 15 years, 90% say their goal is to simply look like they know what they are doing on the dance floor. So I've been teaching just that: a simple dance, customized to your level, with a few highlights to get a reaction from the guests.

- Monika Matys


Clear instruction.

Dance is broken down into 7 customizable parts (Intro, Verse 1, Chorus 1, Verse 2, Chorus 2, Bridge / Instrumental, Outro) that you can easily match with your chosen song.

Pick what you like or include all 7.

Real students examples.

Each sequence is demonstrated by my students, real couples that I've been preparing for their First Dance.

Let's plan out your dance!

I will help you make the dance work to any song of your choice and show you how to match each dance sequence to each part of the song. 

Anya & Alex

'Monika’s online classes were an awesome way to learn our dance and get things where they needed to be in time for our wedding'.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The dance is divided into 7 parts that you can easily match to each part of your chosen song:

  • Intro
  • Verse 1
  • Chorus 1
  • Verse 2
  • Chorus 2
  • Bridge / Instrumental
  • Outro

No worries! I will walk you through how I planned out the dance you're about to learn and how I matched it to the song used in this course. I will also include a pdf with a few examples of how to do it to popular wedding songs, for example Perfect by Ed Sheeran.

Not al all! I specialize in teaching beginners with 0 dance experience and I wanted this course to reflect that. You don't have to have any dance experience prior to taking this course. The dance patterns I created are simple enough for anyone to follow. All of my students demonstrating the steps in this course are absolute beginners. If they can do it, so can you!

And this is the best part for all the beginners out there - you don't have to have good rhythm to look good performing this routine. Why? Because I did not create it to follow the beat of the song (you won't have to memorize any counts). The movements and turning patterns I selected can be done at your own pace following the melody and vocals of the song.

I wanted the dance to be totally customizable and so feel free to pick and choose what you like. It's also up to you how long you want the dance to be. If you want to dance through only half the song, include one verse and a chorus with a nice outro (dip) at the end, that's your call. Possibilities are endless! I'll walk you through how to customize your dance to fit your needs.

Not at all! It will work with songs of different tempo. All you need to do is pick up the pace of steps a bit if your chosen song is more upbeat.


Become a First Dance natural 

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